Human Thrombin 100 NIH (1ml)

Mainly in the alpha form; recommended for all the research protocols where a source of highly purified and characterized (h)-thrombin is necessary, and for studies on anti-thrombin activities. It is prepared by activation of highly purified prothrombin, in presence of factor Xa, V and calcium, then specifically purified and stabilized.

Purified human enzymes are prepared through the specific activation of purified human proteins. Enzymes are highly homogeneous and do not contain any exogeneous product used for activation (use of solid phase activation, or specific purification following activation).

Enzymes are then stabilized and lyophilized in presence of the adequate excipients. Following reconstitution, these enzymes present a well characterized activity and a high stability which make them suitable for most of the in-vitro biological protocols.

MW: 35,000 Da.