Technozym® Fibronectin is a highly sensitive complete sandwich ELISA kit for the selective determination of intact fibronectin in human plasma. The Fibronectin ELISA kit is based on two monoclonal antibodies. One monoclonal antibody is immobilized to microtitre plates for use as a catching antibody, the second peroxidased-labeled monoclonal antibody recognizes exclusively uncleaved fibronectin.

The Technozym® Fibronectin is used to measure human plasma fibronectin levels, particularly in research samples from severe trauma, shock, sepsis, hepatic disease or clotting disorders.

The peroxidase conjugated anti-fibronectin monoclonal antibody used in the kit recognizes only intact fibronectin, i.e. split products of the molecule are not detected. In normal plasma, approximately two-thirds of the total quantity of circulating fibronectin is in intact form. In patients with severe septicemia or disseminated introvascular coagulation (DIC) fibronectin split products are generated by the action of leucocyte elastase or plasmin on the intact molecule leading to a rapid decrease in the levels of functionality intact fibronectin. The normal plasma concentration of total fibronectin is 330 ± 80 μg/ml, and native uncleaved fibronectin is 70 – 148 μg/ml.

  1. Plate + Plate Cover
    12 x 8 well microtitre strips precoated with a monoclonal anti-FN coating antibody in bicarbonate buffer, 0.01% Thimerosal and bloced with Stabilcoat
    (TC-Code GW)
  2. Standard
    1 x lyophilized normal pooled human plasma.
    (TC-Code AJ)
  3. POX-Antibody
    1 x conjugated monoclonal anti FN antibody (concentrated).
    (TC-Code AG)
  4. Dilution Buffer – (white cacp)
    3 x 20 m. 2.5x concentrated (PBS, 1% BSA)
    (TC-Code DS)
  5. Substrate – (green cap)
    1 x 12 ml TMB (Tetramethylbenzidine) in substrate buffer containing H2O2. Ready Use.
    (TC-Code KN)
  6. Stop Solution – (red cap)
    1 x 15 ml 0.5 mol/l sulphuric acid
    (TC-Code KK)
  7. Wash Buffer – (blue cap)
    1 x 20 ml. 12.5x concentrated (PBS 0.5%, Tween 20)
    (TC-Code BE)

The Technozym® Fibronectin test is a solid phase enzyme immunoassay.

Plasma fibronectin is a high molecular weight glycoprotein composed of two nearly identical poly peptide chains (each 220 kD). It is synthesized and secreted by the liver and circulates at a concentration of approximately 330 μg/ml plasma.

Fibronectin belongs to the group of “cell attachment proteins”. Its dimeric structure allows it to function as a molecular glue, holding various molecules together through its binding domains. Principal binding domains exist for fibrin, heparin, Staphyloccus aureus, collagen and the cell surface. Fibronectin has been show to play a role in fibrin colt formation, platelet function, fibrinolysis, chemotaxis, phagocytosis and opsinization.

Lowered plasma fibronectin levels are associated with septicemia, trauma and are also observed during the post-operative period.

Hepatic disorders are also often associated with reduced fibronectin levels. Fibronectin binds to fibrin through factor XIII and levels may be reduced by activation of the clotting system.

Fibronectin is an “acute phase protein” and its level may be elevated during the acute phase and complications during pregnancy. Certain malignancies are associated with high fibronectin levels and this protein may play a role in cell metastasis.