Technozym ADAMTS-13 Antigen ELISA is a chromogenic test kit for the determination of ADAMTS-13 antigen concentration in human plasma. ADAMTS-13 is the enzyme that cleaves vWF under laminar flow conditions. A functional defect of this enzyme leads to the presence of higher molecular weight forms of vWF and thus to increased platelet aggregation, mainly in the microvasculature.

The importance of ADAMTS-13 antigen levels is unclear, but some data suggests that evaluation of antigen levels may provide useful information in research.

  • ELISA test strips (12), with 8 wells each, coated with a monoclonal anti ADAMTS-13 antibody, directed against the CUB domain; the drying agent is supplied in an aluminium bag.
  • Washing buffer concentrate (PBS; pH 7.3); containing detergent; 0.01% merthiolate; 1 vial, 100 mL.
  • Incubation buffer (= sample dilution buffer) (PBS; pH 7.3); contains stabiliser protein; 0.01% merthiolate; and dye, 1 vial, 100 mL, ready for use.
  • Calibrators (standards) numbered from 1 to 5; lyophilised; 1 vial each; 0.5 mL. Concentrations are lot-specific; consult the label on the vial.
  • High and Low control plasma; lyophilised; 1 vial each; 0.5mL. Concentrations are lot-specific; consult the label on the vial.
  • Conjugate: anti-ADAMTS-13 POX; dyed blue; 1 vial, 0.3 mL.
  • Chromogenic substrate TMB (tetramethylbenzidine); 1 vial; 12 mL; ready to use.
  • Stopping solution sulphuric acid 1.9 mol/L; 1 vial; 12 mL; ready to use.
  • Adhesive film: for ELISA test strips; 2 pieces.
  • Detection of low ADAMTS-13 Antigen concentrations
  • No need for any special technique or instrumentation, just standard ELISA equipment

adamts13 antigen


ADAMTS-13 (a disintegrin-like and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin type 1 motif 13) is an enzyme (vWF-cleaving protease or vWF-CP) that specifically cleaves von Willebrand Factor (vWF) multimers.