The Technothrombin® MP kit allows to directly relate the circulating levels of microparticles to the microparticle induced thrombotic tendency.

Measurement of microparticles was hampered by laborious methods to isolate and characterize microparticles or assays which determine only a fraction of thrombogenic microparticles. The Technothrombin ® MP kit allows direct determination of the levels of circulating thrombogenic microparticles. It includes a microparticle standard as well as a microparticle high and low control plasmas and all reagents for measurement of thrombin generation.

Circulating microparticles, between 1.0 and 0.1 μm in size are derived from apoptotic or activated cells, contain phospholipids, proteins and other constituents from their parent cells and are thrombogenic. Microparticles are thought to be a pivotal risk factor for thrombosis in thrombophilic subjects.

Technothrombin MP Microparticles Thrombin Generation Assay Technothrombin MP Microparticles Thrombin Generation Assay