Product Code Color Pack Size
X9222-S Sample pack 2 each of D/A/R/E/B & H —— 12 strips
X9222-D Dabigatran-like 12 strips Blue 500ng
X9222-A Apixaban-like 12 strips Dark green 500ng
X9222-R Rivaroxaban-like 12 strips Light green 500ng
X9222-E Edoxaban-like 12 strips Yellow 500ng
X9222-B Betrixaban-like 12 strips Pink 500ng
X9222-H Heparin 12 strips Red 0.3Iu

Direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) are available as rapidly-dissolving 500 nanogram “dots” on disposable plastic strips. They are stabilized in a thin, flexible film supported on a clear, inert backing. The film dissolves within 2 minutes into 1ml of fluids such as blood, plasma or urine, thereby transferring the compound into samples. The effect of such inhibitors on individual plasmas can then be assessed using clotting or chromogenic tests.

The new supported film technology is adaptable to any potent, stable agent. It allows a library of compounds to be held as a flat collection rather than in vials, thereby allowing for more easy transport and storage.

Dabigatran-like, edoxaban-like, betrixaban-like, rivaroxaban-like and apixaban-like compounds are available. Also, heparin (0.3 Iu). All “dots” are color-coded for recognition. They are especially useful for checking the effect of DOAC-extracting agents such as DOAC Stop™.

Inhibitor “Dots” provide a pre-determined quantity of a coagulation inhibitor such as a DOAC (dabigatran, apixaban, rivaroxaban, edoxaban and betrixaban) or heparin for delivery to a blood, plasma or urine sample on a plastic dipstick. They allow laboratories to prepare inhibitor samples at any concentration in any biological fluid for use in research, teaching or other purposes.

DOACs and other anticoagulants are usually provided in freeze dried normal plasmas for reconstitution and use as calibrators or in quality control. Inhibitor Dots provide an alternative way for laboratories to access such agents for multiple uses. DOACs are provided in 500ng quantities; heparin as 0.3Iu, dried in a stabilizing and rapidly soluble film on a narrow dispenser strip. Each inhibitor dot is colored for simple identification as shown below. The binding agents in the dots total 200ug and have insignificant effect on clotting or other tests when dispersed in 1ml of plasma or blood. Each strip is identified by a label showing lot number, expiry date and inhibitor quantity. Each Dot dissolves within 2 minutes after being immersed in a fluid.

Plasmas treated with Inhibitor Dots may be used as positive controls in clotting, chromogenic or other assays. Dilutions can be prepared in pooled normal plasma, blood or other fluids to set up calibration curves.

Samples prepared from Inhibitor Dots can be used for checking the efficacy of DOAC Stop™. This agent extracts DOACs from test samples relatively specifically. Thus, samples prepared with DOACs from Inhibitor Dots should show restoration of original test results after treatment with DOAC Stop. Samples prepared with Heparin Dots should not be modified by DOAC Stop.

Sample preparation:

Follow your usual validated laboratory procedures for preparing blood, citrated plasma or other samples.

Method for adding an inhibitor to the sample.

1.Transfer 1ml of citrated blood, plasma or urine to a plastic tube.

  1. Select which inhibitor is to be dispersed into this sample. Remove the appropriate strip from its storage container.
  2. Dip the inhibitor strip into the fluid so that the round Inhibitor Dot at one end is immersed.
  3. Mix for 2 minutes or until the round dot is no longer visible on the strip. Check this visually by dipping in and out of the fluid.
  4. The sample will then contain the added stated inhibitor quantity in 1 ml.

Inhibitor strips are strictly for in vitro research use. They are mainly intended for spiking blood, plasma or urine samples with anticoagulants. If appropriate test results are not changed as expected by Inhibitor Dots, apply appropriate clotting, chromogenic anti factor Xa or anti thrombin assays to obtain specific results. Store at 2-8°C. Do not use after the expiry date indicated on the label.

Inhibitor Dots are intended for use in biological fluids. Follow procedures and refer to precautions that may affect the stated or implied claims and performance of this product. Haematex Research Pty Ltd and its agents or distributors are not liable for damages.