Technoclone Anti-alpha2-Antiplasmin 7AP

Lyophilized. Monoclonal. IgG1; recognizes the neoantigen of the plasmin-alpha-2-antiplasmin complex. It can be used in an ELISA-system as catching antibody specificially for plasmin-α-2-antiplasmin complexes and also for depletion of plasma.


Recognizes the neoantigen epitope of the plasmin-α-2-antiplasmin complex; no reaction with free plasminogen or α-2-antiplasmin.


Hybridization of NSO cells with spleen cells from a BALB/c mouse immunized with purified α-2-antiplasmin.

Antibody class



The antibody is purified from murine ascites by affinity chromatography on Protein G sepharose. The purity of the product is tested by Laemmli SDS-PAGE.

The antibody is lyophilized from a 1 mg/ml solution in hepes/glycine buffer pH 7.4 with sucrose and mannitol as stabilizer. It is supplied in vials of 500 µg and should be reconstituted with 0.5 ml distilled water. For extensive dilutions a protein containing solution should be used (e.g. 1% bovine serum albumin in PBS). Lyophilized antibody should be stored at 4°C. Reconstituted antibody should be aliquoted and stored at -20°C or lower. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.