Technoclot® PT Owren (automated) is a thromboplastin reagent modified according to Owren for the quantitative determination of Prothrombin Time (PT) in human citrated plasma. The reagent is enriched with bovine plasma from which the prothrombin complex factors II, VII and X have been removed. The bovine plasma remains a source of fibrinogen and factor V, which therefore cannot be detected by the test. This reagent is sensitive to abnormal levels of the coagulation factors II, VII and X and is used for the research of oral anticoagulants (i.e. warfarin). Technoclot® PT Owren automated is especially designed to be used with coagulation analyzers including ones using optical PT determination.

Technoclot® PT Owren replaces Thrombotest® and Normotest®.

The reagent is lyophilized and contains rabbit brain thromboplastin and adsorbed bovine plasma. The adsorbed plasma is added as a source of factor V and fibrinogen.
25mm Calcium chloride solution needs to be added to initiate the clotting reaction.

Material required (not supplied with the kit)

  • Pipettes
  • Solutions
  • Distilled water
    Imidazole buffer* 25 ml, Catalog# 5410008
    Ca-Chloride solution 25 mm* 25 ml, Catalog# 5277017
  • Control Plasma*
    Coagulation Control N, 5 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5020040
    Coagulation Control AK, 5 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5011050
    Coagulation Control A, 5 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5021055
  • Calibration Plasma*
    AK-Calibrant, 4 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5010004
    Coagulation Reference, 5 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5220110
    * or any other package sizes or Technoclot® reagents.