Lys-Plasminogen purified protein, lyophilized. For use in research tests. Not for drug use. Prepared from pooled human plasma from blood donors in Vienna. Each donor is individually tested and found free of hepatitis and AIDS antibodies.

The product is lyophilized from 0.1M NaCl, 0.02M phosphate buffer, pH=7.3.

The lyophilized product is reconstituted by addition of 1ml distilled water and gentle agitation 10 minutes at room temperature followed by centrifugation 3 minutes at 1000g.

Analysis of reconstitution

Appearanceclear, colorless solution
Protein content (1) 1mg
Glu-Plasminogen (2)< 10%
Lys-Plasminogen (2)>90%
Plasmin content (3)0.01%
activatable by tPA (3)0,01 delta OD/min
activatable by uPA (3)0,027 delta OD/min
SDS PAGE (2)TC41014 lys-plasminogen

Lane A) Reference mix of Glu- and LysPlasminogen
Lane B) Lys-Plasminogen, RCF4100

(1) Spectrophotometrically at 280nm (ratio 280nm/260nm)

(2) SDS-PAGE using Phast Gel Gradient 8-25 (Amersham Pharmacia Biotech), silver stain

(3) Plasmin activity analyzed amidolytically (Kabi S-2251 H-DVal-Leu-Lys-pNA). Color development at 405nm and 37°C