Ecarin 50-B is for the determination of prothrombin levels. Based on the interaction of hirudin with meizothrombin a simple ecarin clotting test for the monitoring of hirudin levels has been developed. Due to its action on acaroboxy prothrombin, ecarin can be used for the determination of acarboxy prothrombin in the supernatant of barium sulfate treated patient plasma where normal carboxylated prothrombin has been removed by adsorption. Ecarin can be used for the detection of low prothrombin concentrations in plasma fractions for quality and in-process control purposes. Ecarin, used in conjunction with the phospholipid- and calcium ion-dependant prothrombin activator textarin from Pseudonaja textillis venom, forms a highly sensitive and specific test system for lupus anticoagulant.


Echis carinatus snake venom


55’000 to 60’000

Ecarin is a metalloprotease isolated from the venom of the saw-scaled viper (Echis carinatus) that activates prothrombin. Ecarin does not affect other clotting factors. The action of ecarin on prothrombin is independent of calcium, phospholipids and factor V.