NEATstik® is a single use, lateral flow format, test for the qualitative detection of active neutrophil elastase (NE) in sputum samples.  This test is for research use only.

Neutrophil elastase (NE) is a biomarker of infection and inflammation is shown to correlate with the severity of several respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis, COPD and bronchiectasis. NE has long been used as an endpoint in clinical studies aimed at evaluating the efficacy of new anti-elastase inhibitors or other anti-inflammatory therapies.

For more about NE as a neutrophil serine proteases (NSP) and biomarker, read more here >>>>


Principle of the Test

NEATstik® utilises ProteaseTag® technology to specifically detect active NE in sputum samples.  NEATstik® consists of a lateral flow test strip enclosed within a plastic cassette. The test strip comprises of a membrane and pads on a solid support with applied CONJUGATE and two reaction lines: a TEST (T) line and a CONTROL (C) line. The conjugate is a mixture of a ProteaseTag® (designed to specifically interact with active NE) and colored gold particles. The TEST (T) line consists of an antibody which can detect NE and the CONTROL (C) line can detect the conjugate.  After sample dilution, a small volume is added to the sample port on NEATstik® to begin the testing process. The diluted sample travels along the test strip and interacts with the conjugate. The ProteaseTag® in the conjugate will bind to active NE present in the sample, travel up the test strip and bind to the TEST (T) line. Excess conjugate will bind to the CONTROL (C) line.  The appearance of the TEST line confirms the presence of active NE in the sample above the pre-set threshold.

The appearance of the CONTROL line confirms that the test has been performed correctly.

Each multipack box contains 10 kits.

Each kit contains:

1 x NEATstik® lateral flow test in a sealed foil pouch

1 x NEATstik® sample dilution buffer (20 mL)

1 x Sputum dilution pot

1 x Dual bulb pipette

1 x Graduated pipette

1 x Instruction



  • Sputum collection pot
  • Weighing scale or balance
  • Stopwatch/timer


Format:       Lateral flow

Species:       Human

Sample:       Diluted sputum samples

Range:        NE concentrations <8 μg/mL = negative result

NE concentrations >8 μg/mL = positive result

Specificity:       Only detects active NE

Run Time:        10 min of incubation


To measure the concentration of active NE in a sputum sample, use of ProteaseTag®

Active Neutrophil Elastase Immunoassay is recommended (available from ProAxsis Ltd).