GC-REAAD™ ITIH3 ELISA Test (Gastric Carcinoma – REcombinant Antigen-Antibody Detection) is intended for qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of human Inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H3 (ITIH3) proteins in human plasma/serum. The test utilizes sandwich ELISA using two layers of antibodies (i.e. capture and detection antibody) to determine a subject’s ITIH3 proteins levels in plasma/serum samples.
GC-REAAD™ is useful for the semi-quantification of human ITIH3 proteins in subjects.
Gastric Carcinoma (GC) is the fifth most common cancer malignancy in the world with more than 70% of cases occur in developing countries, and half the world total occurs in Eastern Asia. GC is the third leading cause of cancer death worldwide. The highest estimated mortality rates are in Eastern Asia. High mortality rates are also present in Central and Eastern Europe, and in Central and South America. The level of ITIH3 proteins has been found to be closely associated with Gastric Carcinoma. Higher levels of ITIH3 proteins were detected in plasma of subjects with gastric carcinoma (both early and late) as compared to plasma of non-carcinoma subjects.

The number of reagents is sufficient for 5 optimal runs.
 Ready to use, 12 strips x 8 microwells coated with capture antibody
 Wash Buffer Concentrate
 Ready to use Diluent
 Ready to use Standard
 Detection Ab
 Streptavidin conjugated with horseradish peroxidase
 Ready to use Positive Control
 Ready to use Negative Control
 Stop solution
 Reseal-able bag for unused microwells

See package insert for assay specification details.