Application: The assay is used for the measurement of total collagen. This includes all procollagen, unfolded collagen, mature collagen as well as collagen degradation products of all collagen types present in the sample. Since the first step is complete hydrolysis of the sample, difficulty in extraction of collagen plays no role. The assay is applicable for all types of samples, including tissue with lower collagen levels (liver samples).

Also available in 5x 96-assays bulk pack (QZBtiscol5)

The Sensitive Tissue Collagen assay kit is based on the quantitative colorimetric determination of hydroxyproline residues, obtained by acid hydrolysis of collagen. The Sensitive Tissue Collagen assay shows no matrix effect and no need for further dilution of the hydrolysate enabling measuring in small samples with low collagen concentrations, such as liver. The assay is simple and it doesn’t need the drying step following acid hydrolysis, resulting in a fast (<2 hrs) and easy (96-well plate format) assay following the hydrolysis step.

QuickZyme Total Collagen Assay Kit

Each 96 test kit includes:

  • 100 special screw-capped tubes needed for sample hydrolysis
  • 2 adhesive plate seals
  • Assay buffer
  • 2x Detection reagent A
  • Detection reagent B
  • 2x Enhancer solution
  • Collagen standard (1200 μg/ml) in 0.02M acetic acid
  • 96-well assay plate
  • Assay protocol booklet

The following materials and equipment are required but not supplied:

  • 12M and 6M HCl for sample hydrolysis
  • 4M HCl for sample and standard dilution
  • Single and/or multichannel pipettes
  • Eppendorf centrifuge
  • Incubator (or thermoblock or calibrated oven) for heating at 95oC (not higher!)
  • Incubator for heating at 60°C
  • Microplate reader capable of measuring at a wavelength between 540 and 580 nm, 570 nm preferred.
  • Microplate shaker
  • PP-, PE- or glass tubes (no polystyrene)
  • Eppendorf tubes

Quantitative measurement of all types of collagens, species independent.

Samples: tissue homogenates, tissues.

Colorimetric measurement

Optimized for tissues with low collagen content

No matrix effects as seen in other assays

Range: 6 to 300 μg/ml.

Sensitivity: 2.5 µg/ml

Uses rat tail collagen as standard

Ease-of-use: Equivalent to ELISA

Run time:  < 2 hours

Store at room temperature

Application note 1: How to choose your collagen assay