Finally – A New Option to Measure Human Wnt3A Protein

Posted: April 21, 2021

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Lack of commercial and high-throughput options to measure Human Wnt proteins in serum has hampered Wnt-signaling research for too long. A new immunoassay technology, FluoBolt™, now offers the Wnt-signaling community an easier and more robust measurement of Wnt3A. This expands research options for studying mechanisms of disease and use of Wnt3A as a biomarker in clinical research.

FluoBolt™ Wnt3A kit benefits:

  • Super simple and fast protocol
  • Robust fluorescent signal output
  • Open platform technology (most standard plate readers)
  • 96 well format
  • Ready-made standards and controls
  • Serum-based matrix
  • Multiple fluorophore label options available
  • Focus on quality from Austrian-based manufacturer, Fianostics

Kits are available for purchase via DiaPharma in the US and Canada OR send your samples to Fianostics for FluoBolt™ analysis services.

FluoBolt™ Methodology:

Nano-structured metal enhances signal from fluorophores conjugated to detection antibodies close to bottom of the plate. This produces a more robust signal than standard ELISA methods and reduces background signal.

FluoBolt metal ELISA


Available FluoBolt™ kits:

  • FluoBolt™ Noggin
  • FluoBolt™ Asporin
  • FluoBolt™ Periostin
  • FluoBolt™ Wnt3a
  • FluoBolt™ alpha-Klotho


Amino Acid Sequence Identity with Human
Mouse Rat NHP Pig Canine Zebra Fish Hamster
Periostin 90% 87% 92-93% 95% 96% 54% 89%
Asporin 89% 89% 96-99% 89% 89% 54% 89%
Noggin 99% 99% 99-100% 99% 96% 55% 99%
Wnt3a 96% 89% 99-100% 96% 71% 82% 96%
Klotho 86% 84% 93-99% 88% n.a. 50% 85%

Research Use Only in U.S. and Canada. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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