Thrombodynamics Fibrinolysis

Posted: August 8, 2019

thrombodynamics fibrinolysis

Accelerate your hyperfibrinolysis or thrombolytic drug research with Thrombodynamics, exclusively from Diapharma

Measures the form, size, location, and density of fibrin growth and lysis using time-lapse video microscopy

Automated data analysis with easy-to-understand data sets and graphs

thrombodynamics fibrinolysis

Figure 1: Fibrin propagation without (left) and with (right) fibrinolytic activator as registered using Thermodynamics. Video, is 7 matched time-points over a 60 minute time period.


  • Less then 5 minutes of hands-on time with only 4 pipetting steps
  • Physiologic concentration of immobilized, lipidated rhTF on the activator surface


thrombodynamics fibrinolysis

  • Simultaneously derive spatiotemporal clot growth kinetic data for a
    complete picture


thrombodynamics fibrinolysis

Figure 2: Top: Time course of fibrin clot density (measured by intensity) at the point of lysis initiation in the presence of 105 U/mL uPA. Bottom: Time course of the movement of the fibrinogen clot front-line in the same sample as above.


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