Introducing the First ADAMTS-13 Screening Assay

Posted: December 3, 2018

New Biomarkers for Liver and Kidney Toxicity Studies

Technoscreen® ADAMTS-13 Activity

Technoscreen ADAMTS13 Assay Principle

NEW! Technoscreen® ADAMTS-13 Activity is a semiquantitative flow through assay for the determination of ADAMTS-13 activity levels in plasma.

  • Screening tool for estimating ADAMTS-13 activity in clinical research studies – deficiency of ADAMTS-13 needs confirmed by a quantitative system
  • Using an easy, fast in-house screening assay can lead to significant cost savings in clinical research studies
  • Rapid screening with ready to use reagents
  • Reduced 30-minute time to results
  • Large and small pipettes included
  • Color chart included, for easy interpretation of results
  • No instrumentation required

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Research use only in the U.S. and Canada

New Biomarkers for Liver and Kidney Toxicity Studies

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