Exclusive partnership with Stasys Medical

Posted: May 4, 2020


May 1, 2020- Diapharma Group is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Stasys Medical.

Stasys Medical is a Seattle based start-up, developing new technology to rapidly measure primary hemostasis and platelet function. The Stasys instrument measures the contractile forces and clot aggregation size generated by platelets to classify hemostasis in a small volume whole blood sample, under physiologic flow conditions. This data can then be used to assess the risk of uncontrolled bleeding, platelet dysfunction, or coagulation problems in each subject. Stasys continues to refine the features of the instrument, but is releasing the current instrument in a beta or prototype format to address timely research needs concerning thrombosis dysfunction and COVID-19. The Stasys instrument is not approved for diagnostic use by the FDA and is intended for research uses only.

Diapharma Group is a West Chester, Ohio based distributor of hemostasis and coagulation products in the US and Canada. Diapharma provides an established customer base performing diagnostics as well as basic and clinical research in thrombosis, hemostasis, bleeding and clotting disorders. Diapharma has a strong background in instrument sales for the hemostasis market and expects to help Stasys connect with researchers quickly. Diapharma offers a robust technical support staff and technically savvy outside sales force that can educate researchers about the features of the Stasys instrument through on-site demonstrations and training.

Together, Diapharma and Stasys Medical plan to provide solutions to researchers hoping to better understand platelet force, aggregation, and function in relation to the risk of hypercoagulation and excessive bleeding.

Stasys Intro Slide Show