Standardized urine sample collection procedure for research studies

Posted: June 5, 2019

urine sample collection tubes

urine sample collection tubes



For Research Use Only

  • Urine samples collection tubes – ready to use
  • Including urine stabilizing buffer – to preserve urine protein
  • Easy Collection – of human and animal urine
  • Box contains 98 tubes – ready to ship to collection centers

Standardized urine sample collection is one of the essential items for a successful setup of research studies. The TECO Urine collection tubes contain a protein stabilizer so urine from the subjects participating in the study can easily be added to the tubes and stored. The urine stabilizing solution can be used for human or animal urine sample collection.

urine sample collection tubesInstructions for Use

The TECO® human Urine Stabilizing Buffer is a solution designed to preserve urinary proteins. It is recommended that human urine be diluted in the urine stabilizing buffer prior to storage. It has been proven that the stabilizing solution does not affect biomarker assays. However, it is recommended that individual labs validate the collection solution with their assay procedures.

Reagents and Materials Supplied

  1. Protein-rich solution with added stabilizers and ProClin TM 950 as well as Bronidox L as preservatives: 98 tubes each 0.8 ml. READY TO USE
  2. Exp. Date of the stabilizing solution (up to 24 months)


For smaller sample volume, e.g. animal urine collection, the Urine stabilizer is also available as 10 ml / vial. Stabilizer can be added as a ratio of 1 part buffer to 4 parts urine, according to sample volume.

Urine sample collection


  • Do not use after the expiry date.
  • Do not use Urine Stabilizing Buffer that contains precipitated material or is cloudy in appearance.
  • Deviation from the protocol provided may cause erroneous results.
  • Care must be taken not to contaminate the component and always use fresh pipette tips for each sample and component.
  • Avoid leaving reagent in direct sunlight and/or above 2-8°C for extended periods of time.

Sample collection

As soon as possible after sample collection, add 3.2 ml of urine to the collection tube provided, up to the 4.0 ml mark.

Step 1

Remove collection tube cap and ensure that there is 0.8 ml of stabilizing buffer already in place.

urine sample collection tubes

Step 2

Carefully fill with human urine up to the 4.0 ml mark.

urine sample collection tubes urine sample collection tubes


Sample handling and storage

Do not store samples without the addition of Urine Stabilizing Buffer. Urine Stabilizing Buffer should ideally be added within 12 hours of sample collection. It is recommended that samples are assayed as soon as possible after collection. However, after the addition of Urine Stabilizing Buffer, samples can be stored:

  • 2-8˚C for one week
  • -20˚C for up to 28 days
  • -70˚C for one year

Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.

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urine sample collection tubes

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