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Posted: May 15, 2017

The following products are on sale now. Select lots only. While supplies last.

ProductCatalog #DiscountOffer Expires
Technoclone Dapttin TC503506090% OFFend of May 2017
Chromogenix LMW (Low Molecular Weight) Heparin ControlC82349290% OFFend of May 2017
Ceveron Technoplastin HIS (Heparin Insensitive) Reagent500301050% OFFend of June 2017
Technothrombin TGA (Thrombin Generation Assay) Control Low500633050% OFFend of June 2017
Chromogenix Coamatic® Protein CK82209850% OFFend of June 2017
Teco Cyprinid VTG (Vitellogenin) ELISATE103750% OFFend of June 2017
Technochrom Reagent A2534021725% OFFend of July 2017
Chromogenix Coatest® HeparinK25553925% OFFend of July 2017
Chromogenix Coatest® APC™ (Activated Protein C) ResistanceK82264325% OFFend of July 2017

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