3rd Annual NASH Summit 2019

Event Date: April 22 - 25, 2019

Event Location: Hilton Boston Logan Airport, 1 Hotel Dr, Boston, MA 02128

K18 Liver Injury NASH Biomarker Measurement Assay Test Kit K18 Liver Injury NASH Biomarker Measurement Assay Test Kit K18 Liver Injury NASH Biomarker Measurement Assay Test Kit

K18 Liver Injury NASH Biomarker Measurement Assay Test Kit

Diapharma will attend and exhibit at the 3rd Annual NASH Summit 2019 this year. Please click here to schedule a meeting with us or email us directly.

Visit Diapharma to discuss K18 assays as prescreening tools and secondary endpoints in NASH clinical trials. Learn about our panels of mechanistic biomarkers that provide insight into the biological processes occurring during liver injury. Keratin/Keratin 18 (CK18/K18) is an important biomarker of hepatocyte cell death. Explore M30/M65 ELISAs for measuring hepatocyte apoptosis/necrosis non‐invasively. Diapharma offers additional assays for liver injury, including HA, α‐GST, and Collagen IV. For research use only in the U.S. and Canada.


K18 Liver Injury NASH Biomarker Measurement Assay Test Kit

NASH Summit 2019

Accelerate the Successful Development of Your Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Therapeutic

The NASH Summit is the industry’s most comprehensive forum for advancing the development of successful NASH therapeutics. Focused on discovery through to late-stage clinical development of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) candidate pipelines, the 3rd Annual NASH Summit Boston will bring together 300+ drug developers from 140+ organizations across 4 days of unparalleled content sharing and networking.

The 3rd Annual NASH Summit with 57 industry leaders will present actionable takeaways on the next 12 months of NASH drug development. The forum will provide you with the data, insight, and lessons needed to inform the acceleration of your NASH candidate pipeline:

Contextualize the progress of the leading candidates beyond data alone to understand patient recruitment strategies, commercialization considerations and hurdles addressed prior to success.

Understand how to build the confidence of investors and evaluate the payers’ perspective on reimbursement.

Improve drug efficacy in both early and late stage NASH by identifying and validating novel targets & drug mechanisms of action.

Be part of the leading conversations and outline the next 12 months of your R&D and commercial decisions that will accelerate the development of your NASH candidate.

As competition in the NASH space increases, find out how you can move your candidate into differentiation and identify the best mode of action to stay ahead as this field looks to overcome its current limitations.

NASH Summit 2019 Topics

K18 Liver Injury NASH Biomarker Measurement Assay Test Kit

  • Non-invasive NASH biomarkers
  • Liver fibrosis: deliniating and utilizing at complexities of fibrosis pathology
  • Stratification of NASH through data sets
  • Systems biology NASH: approaches and applications
  • Drug development strategy and regulatory intelligence in NASH
  • Biomarkers in NAFLD drug development diagnostic, prognostic and monitoring biomarkers
  • Public/private partnerships in advancing biomarkers for NAFLD
  • Finding non-invasive biomarkers for NASH (FNIH Biomarkers Consortium)
  • Cinical leaders in NASH
  • Designing clinical trials in pediatric NASH
  • Similarities and differences between pediatric and adult NASH
  • NASH trial in children from a family to physician to industry perspectives
  • Potential impact and value of NASH therapies
  • Translatability of NASH biomarkers
  • Machine learning for NASH biomarkers
  • Overview of NASH diagnostic landscape
  • Disease burden of NAFLD and NASH
  • NASH therapies reducing disease burden and mortality
  • Cost-effectiveness of NASH therapies
  • Inflammation as a driver of NASH
  • Current understanding and gaps in knowledge of NASH
  • Future of NASH
  • Targeting NASH molecular drivers
  • Bile acid modulators for the treatment of NASH
  • Metabolomics in NASH clinical trials
  • Targeting integrin αVβ1 for treatment of liver fibrosis associated with NASH
  • CSTI-100, a melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1 (MCHR1) antagonist, for the treatment of NASH and metabolic syndrome comorbidities
  • 3D bioprinted human liver tissue to model NAFLD/NASH in vitro
  • NASH/NAFLD: does genotype connect to phenotype?
  • Analyzing, quantifying and targeting multiple NASH pathways
  • Analysis of NASH pathways by single cell sequencing
  • NASH in the context of wider liver and cardiovascular disease
  • NASH as a metabolic, non-communicable disease
  • Polypharmacological anti-NASH effects
  • Profiling NASH in the context of metabolic syndrome
  • The gap between non-invasive assessment of NASH PoC endpoints
  • Targeting multiple drivers of NASH by GSNOR inhibition
  • Regulatory guidance on NASH drug development
  • NASH cirrhosis: specifics of cirrhotic trials
  • Complexities of fibrosis pathology
  • Systems biology in NASH

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K18 Liver Injury NASH Biomarker Measurement Assay Test Kit K18 Liver Injury NASH Biomarker Measurement Assay Test Kit K18 Liver Injury NASH Biomarker Measurement Assay Test Kit

NASHSummit | Hilton Boston Logan Airport