A New Noggin Protein Assay

Posted: March 11, 2020


A New Noggin Protein Assay:

Adding to the Toolbox for BMP and TGF-beta Research


Enhanced Human Noggin Protein Detection with MEF Technology from Fianostics


Figure: Noggin levels measured with a Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence format microtiter plates (MEF-MTP) vs a Standard ELISA Microtiter Plate (Standard-MTP) format with the same capture and detection antibodies.

What Makes FluoBolt™- Noggin Different?

  • Fianostics FluoBolt™ Metal Enhanced Fluorescence Immunoassays eliminate the complicated processes that come with your standard sandwich ELISA.
  • Ultra-Sensitive, Single-step Noggin Immunoassay in a standard 96-well format
  • Stable signal over time

Assay Characteristics

Method Metal Enhanced Direct Sandwich Fluorescence Immunoassay in 96-well plate format
Sample type Serum, Plasma
Standard range 0-16 ng/mL (6 standards and 2 controls in a human serum based matrix)
Conversion factor 1 pg/mL = 0.015 pmol/L (MW: 66 kD)
Sample volume 20 µl (undilited sample) / well
Incubation steps / time / temperature Single-step assay, 4 h / 37°C or overnight / RT
Sensitivity LOD (0 pmol/L + 3 SD): 1 pmol/L; LLOQ: 0.3 ng/mL
Specificity The assay detects circulating uncomplexed human Noggin
Cross reactivity Noggin is highly conserved across species. Human Noggin shares 99%, 99%, 98%, 97% and 89% aa sequence identity with mouse, rat, bovine, equine and chicken Noggin. Cross reactivity of this assay with other species than human has not been tested.


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