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Posted: November 3, 2020

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Staff Spotlight

Tom Boulden

Western Territory Manager

Tom Boulden joined the Diapharma team as the Western Territory Manager in February of 2017 fresh out of his military service. Tom’s background includes his experience as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear NCO in the Army, and a MS degree in Biomedical Diagnostics from Arizona State University. While Tom enjoyed laboratory work, he revels in meeting new people and loves being one of the faces of Diapharma. Since the start of our difficult 2020, Tom has filled his off time with a number of new hobbies, such as tending to his vegetable and fruit gardens, and making homebrew meads and various wines. He uses these hobbies as an opportunity to connect with his community as he shares the fruits of his labor with his neighbors and those in need. The rest of Tom’s time is spent finding new and creative ways to educate and entertain his 3 year old boy.

hemostasis, liver disease, oncology, and ecotoxicology assays

Introducing the T-TAS® 01

The first FDA cleared microfluidic flow chamber based analyzer to measure platelet clotting functionality.

  • Global assay allows for easy and cost-effective quantitative determination of platelet function, and easy screening of bleeding patients with an unknown etiology or for surgery prep.
  • System makes use of no exogenous agonist activation
  • Leads to a clearer picture of true platelet activation and dysfunction without masking platelet release disorders.
  • Allows for quantitative monitoring of platelet antagonists alone and in combination.
  • Platelet activation is driven solely by physiologically relevant shear rates seen in large arteries and exposed collagen coated on the micro-capillary surface.

Visit diapharma.com or call 1.800.447.3846 to learn more.

T-TAS® 01 FDA cleared microfluidic flow chamber analyzer

Visit diapharma.com for our complete portfolio of hemostasis, liver disease, oncology, and ecotoxicology assays.


hemostasis, liver disease, oncology, and ecotoxicology assays

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hemostasis, liver disease, oncology, and ecotoxicology assays

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