NEW! M65® EpiRat™ ELISA for measuring cell death in drug safety studies

Posted: November 7, 2019

M65® EpiRat™ ELISA

New Tool for Translational

Drug Safety Studies

K18 Liver Injury Biomarker

The Scoop:

New tool for investigating hepatotoxicity in preclinical models


  • Serum biomarker

  • Supports safety studies in drug development

  • Increased liver specificity

  • Sensitive – determine DILI at earlier time points

  • Provides information about mechanism of hepatotoxicity

  • Reduced risk of late-stage withdrawal or delay of promising new drug candidates to market



K18 Liver Injury Biomarker hepatotoxicity rat

Research use only in the U.S. and Canada

K18 Liver Injury Biomarker hepatotoxicity rat

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