New! Human WNT3A protein detection kit – FluoBolt™ WNT3A

Posted: April 7, 2020

Announcing FluoBolt™ WNT3A from Fianostics

Light Up Your Research!

MEF-FIA for human WNT3A

MEF-FIA for human WNT3A

Detect the Undetectable

Diapharma added a critical kit to our product line up: FluoBolt™ WNT3A.

With the limited options currently available for WNT3A protein detection, this kit is a welcome addition to researchers for the Wnt/β-catenin pathway toolbox.

No need to keep measuring transcript levels because the new FluoBolt™ technology allows scientists to detect the undetectable.

FluoBolt WNT3A

FluoBolt™ WNT3A Features:

  • Reliable new option for Human WNT3A protein detection
  • Serum and cell culture samples
  • Familiar 96-well immunoassay format
  • Rapid ELISA-like protocol
  • MEF technology and fluorescent readout enhance sensitivity
  • Overcomes the hurdles of low signal with previous standard Human WNT3A ELISAs
  • No expensive instrument system required
  • Kit includes 6 standards and 2 controls in serum matrix

Kit Characteristics:

  • Method: Metal Enhanced Direct Sandwich Fluorescence Immunoassay in 96-well format
  • Sample Type: Serum and Plasma
  • Standard Range: 0 to 2,800 pmol/L (0-112 ng/mL). 6 standards and 2 controls in a serum based matrix
  • Conversion Factor: 1 ng/mL = 25 pmol/L
  • Sample Volume: 20 uL (undiluted sample)/well
  • Incubation/time/temperature: Single-step assay / Overnight / Room Temperature
  • Sensitivity: LOD (0 pmol/L+3 SD); 50 pmol/L (2 ng/mL); LLOQ 175 pmol/L (7 ng/mL)
  • Specificity: Tested for human WNT3A, but human shares 100-95% aa sequence identity with primates, mice, rats and pigs.

Other FluoBolt™ kits available:

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  • FluoBolt™ Asporin
  • FluoBolt™ Periostin
  • FluoBolt™ αKlotho

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