New NAFLD serum biomarkers for translational research

Posted: August 27, 2020

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Liver regeneration and fibrosis involve regulation by Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) and TGF-beta 1 (Figure 1)

Proteins in these pathways are highly conserved; therefore these assays have potential to be used for translational pre-clinical studies in mice, rats, pigs, etc., shown in the cross-reactivity chart below


Progression of Liver Disease

liver disease progression

Figure 1   Liver injuries triggered by acute and chronic damage activate dormant signals responsible for initiating liver repair. The TGFβ-1, Hedgehog (Hh), and Wnt signaling pathways are key and cooperative orchestrators of liver repair. Changes in each of these pathways pushes the liver toward fibrosis or tissue regeneration. Proteins of these pathways, as well as proteins regulated by these pathways are useful biomarkers (yellow boxes) to study the various stages of liver diseases in pre-clinical and clinical research.


Need for non-invasive biomarkers to study NAFLD/NASH

Until now, the ability to study these processes was problematic due to the limited sensitivity of available assays for associated signalling pathways.

The FluoBolt™ line of highly sensitivity assays mean researchers can measure these markers in NAFLD subjects…finally making these measurements possible.

New Data to support studies with NOGGIN, ASPORIN:

Serum NOGGIN and ASPORIN levels differ in human NAFLD (Simple Steatosis and NASH) subjects compared to controls.

noggin, asporin, periostin, wnt3a, liver research

Serum levels of NOGGIN and ASPORIN levels change in subjects receiving potential NAFLD therapies

noggin, asporin, periostin, wnt3a, liver research


Amino Acid Sequence Identity with Human
Mouse Rat NHP Pig Canine Zebra Fish Hamster
Periostin 90% 87% 92-93% 95% 96% 54% 89%
Asporin 89% 89% 96-99% 89% 89% 54% 89%
Noggin 99% 99% 99-100% 99% 96% 55% 99%
Wnt3a 96% 89% 99-100% 96% 71% 82% 96%
Klotho 86% 84% 93-99% 88% n.a. 50% 85%


Available FluoBolt™ kits:

  • FluoBolt™ Noggin
  • FluoBolt™ Asporin
  • FluoBolt™ Periostin
  • FluoBolt™ Wnt3a
  • FluoBolt™ a-Klotho

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