M65® EpiRat ELISA

Posted: July 8, 2019

The M65 EpiRat™ ELISA is based on the M5 and M6 antibodies, which bind to the biomarker Keratin-18 (K18). K18 is an intermediate filament protein found in epithelial cells. The concentration of K18 reflects the amount of overall cell death, both apoptosis and necrosis, in K18 positive cells. Levels of K18 are commonly elevated when the liver endures damage, through disease or toxicological effects.

M65 EpiRat™ ELISA is suitable for use in research, pre-clinical trials, and toxicological studies

The M65 EpiRat™ ELISA is optimized as a rat specific assay and represents the final piece of the puzzle to complete our portfolio K18 assays, making the PEVIVA product line available and valuable in all stages of drug development.

eiprat elisa


The M65 EpiRat™ ELISA can be used in toxicological studies. Rodent species are commonly used in traditional toxicology testing guidelines to predict human health toxicity outcomes. Rodents have significant conventional knowledge, historical availability, and ease of care and breeding, making them ideal test subjects for the assessment of possible adverse health effects and sensitivities from chemical exposures. As rodent species are commonly used globally in traditional toxicology testing guidelines to predict human health toxicity outcomes, the M65 EpiRat™ will help by quantifying the amount of cell death in hepatocytes to assess liver toxicity. This in turn saves Pharmaceutical companies a lot of money where they can discontinue projects where the tested compound has too high toxicological effect on the liver.


The M65 EpiRat™ ELISA detects total amount of K18, which quantifies the total amount of cell death in epithelial cells. This allows for the use of the assay in different research fields such as in hepatology and oncology. In pre clinical studies, the M65 EpiRat™ ELISA can be used to analyse the effect of drugs on treatment effect and disease progression for example for new compounds in Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFL) and Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH).

The kit can also be applicable in veterinary research regarding different liver diseases.

M65 EpiRat™ ELISA’s unique characteristics

  • Rat specific measurement of total cell death in K18 positive cells
  • Quantification of K18 in rat serum and plasma samples.
  • Convenient ready to use format and can be slit up for use at several occasions.
  • Materials included:
    • M6 coated microstrip
    • M65 conjugate
    • M65 standard A-E
    • Wash tablet
    • TMB substrate-Stop solution


Serum samples from untreated rats and rats treated with different doses of APAP were run using the M65 EpiRat™ ELISA. Below you can see results from two runs where rats treated with 1500mg/kg APAP compared to untreated controls. Blood was drawn after 0, 24, and 48 hours.

We are glad to welcome the M65 EpiRat™ ELISA as the newest member of the PEVIVA product line!

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