M65 EpiRat™ ELISA – Assess liver safety signals in drug development

Posted: October 22, 2020

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M65 EpiRat™ ELISA

New Tool for Preclinical Drug Safety Studies


rat elisa Translational Drug Safety Studies


Why Use the M65 EpiRat™ ELISA?

  • Increased sensitivity and liver specificity compared to traditional biomarkers (ALT, AST) – complementary biomarker for your DILI toolbox
  • Detect liver toxicity signals at an early stage in drug development by directly measuring hepatocyte cell death caused by the drug candidate
  • Gain mechanistic information on the livery injury signal (apoptosis and/or necrosis)
  • Save time and money – make educated decisions regarding future clinicial studies and stop wasting time on the wrong drug candidate
  • Translational use with M65® EpiDeath® and M30® Apoptosense®, established biomarker assays for K18 in human samples

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How does it work?

The M65 EpiRat™ ELISA measures the amount of hepatocyte cell death, both apoptosis and necrosis. It is based on the M5 and M6 antibodies, which bind to the biomarker Keratin 18 (K18). Circulating levels of K18 are commonly elevated when the liver endures damage, through disease or toxicological effects.


M65 EpiRat™ ELISA’s unique characteristics:

  • Rat-specific measurement of total cell death in K18 positive cells – quantifies hepatocyte cell death to assess liver toxicity
  • Sensitive serum biomarker for quantification of K18 in rat serum and plasma samples
  • Convenient ready to use ELISA format and can be split up for use at several occasions.


rat elisa Translational Drug Safety Studies


The M65 EpiRat™ ELISA is optimized as a rat-specific assay and represents the final piece of the puzzle for the complete K18 portfolio. Diapharma offers a full line of valuable products for all stages of drug development. Visit diapharma.com for more.

Research use only in the U.S. and Canada. Not for diagnostic procedures.

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