FluoBolt™ α-KLOTHO – NEW and COMPLETE Immunoassay Kit

Posted: May 6, 2020

New Biomarkers for Liver and Kidney Toxicity Studies

Detect the Undetectable

Introducing a COMPLETE immunoassay kit for detecting soluble Klotho protein from Diapharma

FluoBolt™ α-KLOTHO

This complete kit for the measurement of human α-Klotho in plasma or serum is in a convenient 96-well format, and includes calibrator set and control samples in a pooled serum matrix.

The FluoBolt™ α-Klotho is similar to a standard ELISA in the fact that it’s a sandwich immunoassay comprised of a monoclonal capture antibody and a polyclonal detection antibody. But it differs in that it utilizes Metal Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF) to dramatically increase the sensitivity of the antibody pair.

This state of the art FluoBolt™ technology allows scientists to detect the undetectable.

KLOTHO assay

FluoBolt™ α-KLOTHO provides a high sensitivity soluble Klotho protein assay for basic and clinical research.

Kit features include:

  • Uses 10 µL of undiluted sample volume
  • 6 x individual lyophilized calibrators (range of 0-25 ng/mL)
  • 2 x lyophilized controls
  • No cross-reactivity with human β-KLOTHO or FGF-23 interference (Figures 1 and 2)

KLOTHO assay

Use FluoBolt™ α-KLOTHO as a biomarker for research in: 

  • Kidney diseases
  • Fibrosis
  • Cancer research
  • Neuro diseases
  • Bone diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes

Fianostics is adding to the toolbox for Klotho researchers with FluoBolt™ α-Klotho.  The hope is to increase the options available to researchers so that they can produce accurate results and reliable conclusions.

FluoBolt WNT3A

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  • FluoBolt™ Asporin
  • FluoBolt™ Periostin
  • FluoBolt™ Wnt3a

Research Use Only in U.S. and Canada. Not for diagnostic procedures.

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