FluoBolt™ KLOTHO Super Sensitive and Easy Assay

Posted: March 15, 2021

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Fianostics Klotho

Figure 1 Klotho can exist in a membrane-bound or soluble state. The membrane bound Klotho is mainly expressed on cells of the kidney and acts locally on kidney biology via signaling interactions with FGF-23. Soluble Klotho can be produced by protease cleavage sites within the membrane bound isoform, or a proposed directly secreted isoform. As a soluble form, Klotho can enter the blood stream and act distally, similar to a hormone or cytokine.




  • Single step assay – no wash step, no enzyme substrate
  • Stable signal over time
  • Alternative fluorophores available

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Fianostics Klotho


Improve your data consistency

96-well format, complete kit with a standard and controls in a pooled serum matrix

FluoBolt™-Technology provides a high sensitivity Klotho protein assay for basic and clinical research.
Measure α-KLOTHO in just 10 uL of undiluted serum or plasma samples.

This assay is similar to a standard ELISA in the fact that this assay is a sandwich immunoassay comprised of a monoclonal capture antibody and a polyclonal detection antibody, but different from a standard ELISA in the fact that it utilizes Metal Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF) to dramatically increase the sensitivity with the same antibodies.

Although there are assays for measuring Klotho protein levels available in the market, they are reported to have inconsistent quality records, or are semi-quantitative in nature (eg. immunoprecipitation-immunblot).  FluoBolt™-Technology provides a high sensitivity Klotho protein assay for basic and clinical research, which increases detection and may improve data consistency in literature.

The kit offers individual lyophilized standard/calibrator vials, so no dilution series or calculations are needed.  The calibrator is a recombinant protein with a c-terminal His-tag and an MW of approx. 120kD representing the whole extracellular domain (isoform 1) containing KL1 and KL2. Additionally, the kit also includes 2 lyophilized controls in a serum matrix.

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Research use only in the U.S. and Canada. Not for diagnostic procedures. 



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