I need an assay that complies with the USP monograph for the determination of heparin activity. What test kits are suitable?

The USP states that the activity of heparin sodium and heparin calcium should be determined by both a clotting assay and a chromogenic assay. The chromogenic assay consists essentially in the measurement of the anti-FXa activity of the test preparation against the USP Heparin Sodium Reference Standard. All of the chromogenix heparin kits meet this specification. Antithrombin, FXa, and the chromogenic substrates from Chromogenix are suitable for the USP guidelines. The anti-FXa assays are more specific since they measure the ability of heparin-accelerated antithrombin to inhibit a single enzyme. Either plasma or purified AT can be used. More precise determination of unfractionated heparin and low molecular weight heparin are possible.