Collagen IV ELISA from Diapharma

Posted: March 2, 2020


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Diapharma Collagen IV

Catalog# DPGACTE-001

Biomarker of Liver Fibrosis and Renal Dysfunction

* Limited Quantities Available Now *

Studies indicate that liver deposits of Collagen IV, a type of collagen found primarily in basement membrane, have been found to be increased with liver fibrosis.

  • This increase in liver Collagen IV directly correlates with an increase in serum Collagen IV.
  • Directed to the 7S domain, the Diapharma Collagen IV ELISA is an excellent biomarker of active collagen deposition in the liver – useful for researching liver scarring and fibrosis.
  • Complete ELISA kit with ready-to-use pre-coated plates
  • Standardized and quantitative
  • Only 50 µl of sample is needed

Collagen IV is well-suited for biomarker research panels – use it alone or combined with these next generation biomarkers available from Diapharma:

CK18 (M30®/M65®), α-GST, Noggin, Mac-2 Binding Protein, L-FABP, Hyaluronic Acid, and Urine Stabilizing Buffer and Tubes

For research use only in the U.S. and Canada. Not for diagnostics purposes.


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