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Posted: February 14, 2018




Factor VIII

  • Beneficial for moderate to severe hemophilia A
  • Suitable for long-acting replacement therapy
  • Bovine factor reagents

Chromogenix Coamatic® Factor VIII (K822585)
Chromogenix Coatest® SP Factor VIII (K824086)
Chromogenix Coatest® SP4 Factor VIII (K824094)


Factor VIII Inhibitors*

A standardized factor VIII inhibitor assay kit with results expressed in Bethesda units

Technoclone Factor VIII Inhibitor Reagent Kit (5152005)

Technoclone Factor VIII Inhibitor Reagent Kit HCV Neg. (5152009)


Rox Factor IX* (900020)

  • Bringing chromogenic FIX determination into the new era
  • Study of new FIX variants and hemophilia B gene therapy
  • Potency assignments of recombinant and plasma derived FIX


Rox FIX-A* (950030)

Chromogenic assay to determine preactivated FIX (FIXa) in FIX concentrates


Diapharma Factor X (DPGFX)

Detection of FX activity for FX deficiency, replacement therapies, and warfarin monitoring


Rox Factor XIa* (110050)

Highly sensitive method for determination of low levels of FXIa


Technochrom® Factor XIII* (5360010)

Research FXIII deficiency and replacement therapies


Rox Prothrombin* (200040)

A chromogenic Prothrombin method based upon the prothrombinase complex




Technothrombin® Thrombin Generation Assay (TGA)* (5006010)

  • Give thrombotic potential a number
  • Ceveron® alpha automated analyzer for walk-away TGA


Technozym® vWF:CBA* (5450301)

  • Sensitive and reproducible functional assay tool for VWD research
  • Useful for differentiating vWD subtypes





Tris-BSA* (TB074-100, TB031-20, TB035)

Diluted buffer fulfills the EP requirements on assays for coagulation Factor VIII


Phospholipid Emulsions* (PL604T-03, PL052-03)

Suitable for use in analyses related to procoagulant and anticoagulant pathways


Wide variety of chromogenic substrates and enzyme inhibitors also available.

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