Are You Catching all Your Patients with APC Resistance?

Posted: October 1, 2019

From Phenotype to Genotype,

Diapharma has you covered.

apc resistance phenotype genotype screening assay


The Cost Savings of APC Resistance Testing

Save money without sacrificing reliability.

Functional APC Resistance screening

for reliable prediction of the increased risk of thrombosis

Coatest© APC™ Resistance V

Coatest© APC™ Resistance VS:

  • Detect less common FV variants like FV Cambridge, FV Bonn, FV Nara, FV Liverpool, FV Hong Kong
  • Sensitive assay with rapid turnaround
  • Near 100% sensitivity / specificity for FV mutations and discrimination between heterozygotes and homozygotes
  • Saves you from performing genetic testing on all patients
  • Two kit sizes (V and VS) to suit large and small volume labs.

Coatest© APC™ Resistance

  • Detects APC Resistance Phenotype – no predilution with FV-deficient plasma
  • Captures patients with acquired APC Resistance
  • Allows labs to perform alongside a FV mutation-specific assay to detect APC resistance regardless of cause


With these tests, you can:

  • Bring testing in-house

  • Help differentiate among underlying causes of APC resistance

  • Save costs

  • Detect thrombophilic phenotype


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apc resistance Phenotype Genotype screening assay