Anticoagulation Forum 14th National Conference on Anticoagulation Therapy

Event Date: April 20 - 22, 2017

Event Location: JW Marriott LA Live, Los Angeles, CA

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AC Forum 2017

With an expected attendance of over 900 professionals, our forum provides the largest venue for open discussion and education on advances in anticoagulant therapy and improved patient care.

The 3-day meeting offers attendees the unique opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world with wide-ranging research interests and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of thrombotic disorders. Special lectures focusing on recent advances and important issues in anticoagulation therapy are featured, as well as small master classes, a “meet the experts” breakfast, poster presentations of original research, and exhibitors.

The conference is open to anyone in the medical field. Past attendees have been pharmacists, physicians and nurses who provide direct care in the field of anticoagulation. Since patients with anticoagulation needs interact with doctors in many fields, medical professionals from all disciplines are welcome and can benefit from the discussions and research presented.

anticoagulation assay test kitAC Forum

Evidence that the use of and indications for oral anticoagulation therapy were rapidly expanding; that oral anticoagulation therapy was not always well managed; and that serious adverse events were commonplace, caused the founding of the AC Forum. Evidence accumulated that the systematic, coordinated care provided by anticoagulation services, resulted in improved safety and efficacy of therapy leading to better patient outcomes.

In order to promote coordinated management of oral anticoagulant therapy, the Anticoagulation Forum was established as a community of physicians, nurses and pharmacists involved in the therapeutic modality of oral anticoagulation therapy and the management of thrombotic disorders. Through the process of information exchange, medical education and scientific investigation, the Anticoagulation Forum promotes professional development and strives to enhance the quality of anticoagulation care.

As the premier provider of education and an authoritative voice among anticoagulation professionals, it is the mission of the AC Forum to offer insight and expertise to those of you on the front lines. The goal of the AC Forum is to have a community where physicians, pharmacists and nurses can come to find the latest research, engage in educational programs, and find tools to evaluate and enhance their practice.

Founded 25 years ago, the Anticoagulation Forum is the largest peer organization of anticoagulant service providers in North America. AC Forum membership includes more than 9,500 physicians, nurses, and pharmacists representing over 2,800 anticoagulation services (clinics). AC Forum members directly support over 900,000 patients annually. As the premier provider of education and the authoritative voice among anticoagulation professionals, the AC Forum offers insight and expertise to those on the front lines.

The AC Forum Board of Directors is regularly relied upon for their expert opinion. Their contributions to research and guideline development have influenced the new landscape of anticoagulation therapy. The AC Forum flagship program, the Anticoagulation Centers of Excellence, embodies their commitment to the clinical application of evidence-based practices and improved patient outcomes.

The Anticoagulation Forum is a multidisciplinary nonprofit organization of health care professionals that will improve the quality of care for patients taking antithrombotic medications. The Anticoagulation Forum attempts to minimize the risk and maximize the benefit of strategies used for the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic disease.

The AC Forum has been an advocate for improved patient care through its endorsement of the use of an International Normalized Ratio (INR) to report prothrombin time results and with its strong support of point-of-care prothrombin time monitoring and the concept of patient self-testing and patient self-management. The AC Forum has been a supporter of home treatment of venous thromboembolism with low molecular weight heparin using anticoagulation clinics as the base for overseeing home treatment programs.

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