AACC 2021 Press Release

Posted: July 28, 2021

September 2021, West Chester, OH – DiaPharma Group is pleased to announce our lineup of featured products during AACC 2021. Explore assays for COVID-19-associated coagulopathy, specialty hemostasis, organ injury, and SARS-CoV-2 serology. DiaPharma specializes in assays and mechanistic biomarkers for bleeding and clotting disorders, hemostasis analyzers, liver disease (Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis, Alcoholic Hepatitis), drug-induced liver and kidney injury, and anti-cancer drug development.

Researchers will be excited to learn about the do-it-all Ceveron® s100, for automated hemostasis research assays including ADAMTS13, FXIII, and Thrombin Generation Testing. You name it, Ceveron® s100 can do it! For research use only in the U.S. and Canada. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Explore the leading edge in impaired primary hemostasis assessment with T-TAS® 01 – get results quickly with whole blood using an automated microchip flow chamber system developed for the quantitative assessment of the thrombus formation process under physiologic flow conditions. The test requires few steps to run, minimal pre-analytical handling, small sample volume, and a simple to interpret numerical cut-off makes for a simple and reliable identification of patients with a primary hemostatic disorder or to measure the efficacy of any anti-platelet therapeutic in ten minutes or less from assay start. The T-TAS® 01 is for the global evaluation of overall hemostatic ability using physiologic flow conditions, and is sensitive to both aspirin and P2Y12 inhibition, as well as the various vWD subtypes and Glanzmann Thrombasthenia. Separate reagent kit or addition of exogenous agonists aren’t necessary.

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