60% Off Keratin 18 DILI Biomarker ELISAs

Posted: January 25, 2017

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60% off Keratin 18 ELISA (M65 Epideath®)
Tissue-Specific DILI Biomarker

Keratin 18 (also known as Cytokeratin 18) is highly abundant in the liver and is a highly sensitive and specific biomarker of hepatocyte injury that can be measured in a simple ELISA format (M65 Epideath®).

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Biomarkers in Drug Developmentapoptosis necrosis cytokeratin CK18 ELISA assay test kit

Ongoing collaborative efforts among the SAFE-T consortium and PSTC are aimed at identifying new biomarkers to address current issues in drug development. Their solution is to find new biomarkers with high sensitivity and specificity that detect drug-induced liver, kidney and vascular injury in an earlier state than what is possible today.


apoptosis necrosis cytokeratin CK18 ELISA assay test kitKeratin 18 ELISAs

Further research on Keratin 18 to address the need of more sensitive and specific biomarkers in
detecting and predicting the outcome of DILI is being further encouraged in recent reports.

  • Look for the Peviva trademark
  • The proteins are absent in muscle cells and other nonepithelial cells, thus increasing the specificity for researching DILI events
  • Minimal day-to-day fluctuations are observed in healthy subjects
  • For Research Use Only



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