2nd Annual Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Summit

Event Date: April 23 - 25, 2018

Event Location: Revere Hotel Boston, 200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA, 02116

NASH NAFLD biomarker ELISA assay test kit

Diapharma is planning to attend the 2nd Annual Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Summit this year. Please click here to schedule a meeting with us or email us directly.

NASH NAFLD biomarker ELISA assay test kit

About The Annual NASH Summit 

The 2nd Annual NASH Summit will include drug developers and organizations in a forum to focus on late stage clinical development of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) candidates.

The NASH Summit will present data and lessons learned that will enable you to:

  • Understand how to progress your candidate towards a combinational NASH treatment
  • Define clinical primary and secondary endpoints and understand the status of the biopsy at the time current NASH candidates will enter market to map out your clinical trials
  • Utilize metabolomic and inflammatory biomarkers in NASH preclinical development models to more robustly diagnose and track NASH disease progression
  • Improve drug efficacy in both early and late stage NASH by identifying and validating novel targets & drug mechanisms of action


The NASH summit’s agenda will include:

  • Latest Advancements in NASH Drug Development
  • Early stage clinical compounds being evaluated for NASH
  • Regulatory guidance on development of NASH therapeutics
  • Latest Regulatory Requirements for Developing NASH Therapeutics
  • Developing animal models with relevant NASH biology
  • Characterization of NASH animal models
  • Steatosis and inflammation, fibrosis, markers of stellate cells, as well as serum biomarkers
  • Novel Animal Models & Combination Therapies to Combat NASH
  • 2 new diet-induced NASH models in mice
  • Novel preclinical findings on NASH-reducing capabilities of combining FXR and GLP-1R agonists
  • Fructose Metabolism for NASH – KHK Inhibitor
  • Treatment with a KHK-inhibitor reverses metabolic dysfunction in several rodent models of NAFLD-NASH
  • Critical pathophysiologic drivers of NASH
  • Novel targets for NASH and metabolic rare diseases using an in vitro platform
  • Targeting Pyruvate Metabolism to Treat NASH
  • Difficulties in Effectively Utilizing Available Patients in NASH Clinical Trials
  • Genetics in defining NASH pathology from fatty liver to cirrhosis
  • Metabolic drivers of NASH and metabolomic identification of NASH patient subtypes
  • Fibrosis resulting from other pathologies as a substitute for NASH fibrosis during drug development
  • Diabetes and cardiovasular patients as candidate for NASH clinical trials
  • Drug Repurposing Strategies in NASH Clinical Trials
  • Thyroid hormone receptor beta agonist in the NASH liver reduces lipotoxicity through multiple pathways
  • Risk Mitigation of Drug Induced Liver Injury in NASH Drug Development
  • Next Generation NASH Therapeutics
  • NASH Pathology
  • Genes Modulating Risk for NASH Development
  • Human Gluco & Liporegulatory Physiology & Pathophysiology as Drivers of Novel NASH Therapies
  • Human physiological and pathophysiological basis of commonalities and differences in NASH and related metabolic diseases
  • Diabetes therapies to treat NASH and where to seek additional pharmacology
  • New NASH serum biomarkers
  • Cyp 7b1 as a new target for drug development to combat NAFLD
  • Oxysterol metabolites to NASH and insulin resistance
  • New Technologies to Identify & Validate Novel Targets in NASH
  • Oxidative stress as an important factor in the transition from NAFLD to NASH
  • Key enzymes believed to be responsible for oxidative stress in NASH
  • Noninvasive diagnostic markers is necessary to effectively track and treat NASH.
  • 3D bioprinted human tissues to model liver diseases such as NASH and fibrosis
  • Serum and imaging biomarkers as traceable representatives of NASH pathology
  • Combinational Therapies in the Treatment of NASH
  • Liver injury in NASH
  • Immunological & Molecular Pathways of NASH Pathology
  • MetAP2 Inhibitors in the Treatment of NASH
  • Bile acid receptors to treat NASH
  • TGR5 and FXR agonists approaches to NASH
  • Inflammation in NASH driven fibrosis
  • Signaling pathways and miRNA biomarkers in NASH
  • Relationship of NASH with Other Diseases
  • Clinical Trials & Endpoints in NASH Cirrhosis
  • Pre-cirrhotic and cirrhotic NASH including pathphysiology, clinical complications, progression, and prognosis
  • Regulatory endpoints in NASH cirrhosis clinical trials
  • NASH Heterogeneity & Relationships as a Sequel of CVM Disease
  • NASH & Diabetes Preclinical Animal Models
  • Preclinical pharmacology results in diabetes and NASH animal models
  • Novel biologics for the treatment of diabetes and NASH
  • Metabolic Syndrome as a Driver of NAFLD & NASH
  • Preclinical and clinical evidence of entero-hepatic targeting as a therapeutic intervention for NASH
  • Cardiometabolic implications in NASH treatment goals
  • Preclinical Biomarker Developments in NASH for Better Translation into the Clinic
  • Molecular MR Imaging of Oxidized Collagen to Monitor Active Fibrogenesis in Preclinical Models of NASH
  • Molecular MR imaging of oxidized collagen decreases after anti-fibrotic treatment in preclinical models of NASH
  • Increasing public understanding and appreciation of relevance, scope and impact of NASH
  • Improving physician education and appreciation of NASH diagnosis and management from primary care through specialists
  • Retrospective data analysis to design and optimize NAFLD/NASH study inclusion criteria
  • FGF21 Pathway in NASH
  • GLP1 Agonists for the Treatment of NASH

Pre-Conference workshops

Discovery Stream – Workshop A

  • Comprehensively Evaluate the Predictions & Understanding of the Microbiome in Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis.
  • Reviewing Preclinical Models In-Depth as a Comparison of Traditional & Next Generation Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Reviewing Preclinical Models In-Depth as a Comparison of Traditional & Next Generation Advantages & Disadvantages

Discovery Stream – Workshop B

  • Enhance the Understanding of Liver Cell-to-Cell Interactions in the Pathogenesis of NASH & Evaluate the Opportunity for Next Generation Therapeutic Targets
  • Exploring the Translatability of Non-Invasive Biomarkers in NASH
  • Overcoming NASH as the Next Big Global Epidemic & Evaluating the Challenges of Bringing a NASH Drug to Market

NASH Summit | Revere Boston Common