Why isn’t this being funded?!

Thoughts from HTRS 2023, and a grant opportunity from DiaPharma

Jennifer J. Kiblinger
Scientific Director

The HTRS 2023 Scientific Symposium gave new insights in hemostasis and thrombosis, from health justice initiatives to the latest in antiphospholipid antibody testing. There were lively and insightful debates, even one on how many steel mills there are in downtown Hamilton, Ontario! It was also a chance for some Florida sun and fun! Huge thank you to the planning committee, faculty & presenters, and everyone who executed such a well-organized symposium.

One thing that stood out was a focus on bleeding and clotting disorders in special populations such as pregnancy, pediatrics, Sickle Cell Disease, and bleeding disorders in women and girls. It seems that problems like menorrhagia are finally gaining the attention they deserve. I even mentioned in a meeting recap, “I’ve never seen so many posters and presentations where they mention heavy periods as a problem”. As I see it, this is a big step forward, with more to come.

At the top of the list for discussion was the diagnosis and management of von Willebrand Disease, genetic and acquired. Addressing bleeding outcomes, assessing true bleeding risk, and making sure patients have access to treatment are taking center stage. Further, questions were raised whether some patients may have undefined or underdiagnosed platelet function disorders.

Platelet function disorders are complicated, and we’re still looking for optimal methods for monitoring and treating patients with mild bleeding disorders. Among the calls to action discussed during HTRS was the need to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. I came away with the understanding that we need to improve awareness of platelet disorders, better characterize diagnosis and care, and better address the impacts of bleeding in women and girls.

Here is where things get exciting.

DiaPharma happens to be a company jam packed full of individuals who care about research benefiting underrepresented populations. DiaPharma has decided to take a step and be part of this shift we’re seeing in the hemostasis field.

DiaPharma offers new and exciting instruments that study platelets and global hemostasis. We believe that these new tools can further understanding of hemostasis and are willing to invest in and collaborate with others to move the needle. DiaPharma wants to put our money where our mouth is and support a product grant to study bleeding related research.

DiaPharma is now accepting research project proposals for a complementary T-TAS® 01 platelet function analyzer to study bleeding risk. We hope the award of a T-TAS® 01 analyzer helps further impactful research in our field.

Product Grant Opportunity
Proposals and Eligibility:

  • Grantee agrees to use the T-TAS® 01 in a novel study related to as stated in the application process.
  • Grantee will receive a T-TAS® 01 and up to 100 PL Chips free of charge
  • Grantee agrees to complete the project within one year of installation of the T-TAS® 01
  • Grantee agrees to execute studies with the intent of publicly sharing data gleamed (peer reviewed publication, meeting poster, webinar, internal data marketing material, etc).
  • DiaPharma is permitted to promote resulting publications or use any data that is not copyrighted to promote the use and sale of the product.
  • Applicants must be based in North America, associated with an academic institution in North America, and have published at least one article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  • Deadline for applications is June 31, 2023
  • Grantee winner will be announced by October 1, 2023

To Apply:

Submit a Word or PDF document to info@diapharma.com, subject line T-TAS 01 Grant, that includes:

  • Applicant Name, Title, Affiliation, Phone Number, Email
  • Principle Investigator Name, Title, Affiliation, Phone Number, Email, if different
  • Aim of the project
  • Why the project is important / Impact of work
  • Experiment design details
  • Plans for publications, posters, or presentations